what to wear | the man’s dress shirt

Crisp white shirt with buttons. If I could narrow down a list of “sentimental props/outfits” my clients bring in, a man’s white shirt would be at the top of that very list. I will be honest, for the longest time it was my most dreaded item in my clients attire to work with. In most cases they are much to large to “fit” my clients figure, completely unappealing and unflattering in my humble opinion. Over the years I have learned a few tips and tricks that can really make this shirt a very very sexy thing to bring!!

1. If you like the look of a man’s shirt but you aren’t too sentimental, purchase a man’s shirt closer to your own size. This is going to give the most versatility in what you can do with the shirt. It will fit the body/arms in a more flattering way and is easily clipped to fit the body more snuggly if needed.

2. Off the shoulder. This was like my go to pose when I first started working with the man’s shirt. It is classic and flatters all body types.

3. Take it off! Paired with a cute pair of panties and a strand of pearls, this could be a great way to show off your figure and still be demure.

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