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Occasionally I will get emails from women, emails that express doubt in themselves because they are curvy or in their 40’s, etc. Often I read these emails and connect with those insecurities because I have them myself. I have struggled with my weight since I was in my late teens. I went through phases of being a size 12-14 and then a size 6-8 and then back to a size 12-14 again. When Miss N emailed me she asked me “Would you be able to pose me and make me look good? I am not a size 2, I am more plus size.” Well firstly, I loathe plus size, the term is what it is but in my studio (business) I simply like to say “curvy”.

I was excited when Miss N finally came in for her session! I could not wait for her to be transformed by Julie with professional hair and make-up, I was blown away myself! She looked drop dead insanely gorgeous. I enjoyed working with Miss N and I was so taken with her session I asked if I could share them 🙂 I want to share Miss N’s testimonial and her beautiful session.

Miss N
After hearing from a couple of my friends about how much they loved doing a boudoir photo shoot for their husbands, I decided that I would look into it. I researched pretty much any photographer in the West Michigan area that did boudoir and contacted a couple but the idea kind of fizzled out. Then a few weeks later a little email from Groupon popped into my inbox and as fate would have it, one of the deals was for a session with Stephanie Karen Photography. So, of course, I booked it. I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous. I’m not a size 0 or even a size 10, but this was something I really wanted to do not only for my husband but for myself. I became a mom in 2012 and as I’m sure any new mom can understand, I lived in sweatpants and never wore makeup. And since I’m a nurse I don’t even get to dress up for work. There was hardly a time when I felt pretty let alone sexy! And lingerie, well that was completely out of the question!! This felt like the perfect opportunity for me to regain some of that confidence I used to have. It definitely worked! Getting my hair and makeup done felt like a day at the spa and was definitely worth the investment. I mean, how often do I get the chance to wear false eyelashes!!? Stephanie did such an amazing job! She made me feel so comfortable, even doing some of the poses right along with me to help me out. She made me feel at ease in what could have been a very uncomfortable situation. I love my photos and my husband didn’t think they were too bad either! 😉



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