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When I got engaged, two of my biggest concerns were finding an amazing photographer and finding the perfect wedding gift for my hubby-to-be. I noticed that there were a few photographers boudoir photography. I had never heard of it before but from flicking through some of the images, I basically came to the conclusion that it was essentially posing for a camera in your skivvies.  My initial thoughts were “I barely agree to have my photo taken in full clothing let alone out of them!” After a long search, I finally came across Stephanie Karen and after chatting with Stephanie for about 10 minutes over the phone, I knew I had found the one. The perfect photographer that would help turn my big day into memories that I could keep and look at forever. Towards the end of the conversation, she brought up that she not only did weddings, but boudoir photography as well. She then proceeded to explain to me that you don’t have to be in the nude to achieve a sexy and sensual vibe. She suggested it as a wedding present for my hubby and told me to check out her Pinterest and then let her know the next day what I thought about some of the more conservative looks.

Later that night I followed through with my promise and skeptically hopped on Pinterest to check out what she was talking about; flicking through the page I saw girls sporting cardigans and sexy but comfortable boy-short panties and knee socks, gauzy sweaters, thigh highs and stiletto’s. I was impressed! The next day I called Stephanie back and told her that I was in and set up a date for my session. Leading up to my session, I had a blast shopping for cute little, V neck button ups, undies, and babydolls! On the day of my session I made my way into the studio toting along all of my findings. I’ve always been a bit insecure about my weight and body. Once the session began I felt more relaxed as soon as she started joking around, and telling me how fabulous I looked. Throughout the session, I began to feel more comfortable in my skin and loosen up. By the end of the hour, I was having FUN! It was a total blast! While she was posing me, and snapping away in the back of my mind I was thinking “Ha! Take that Adrianna Lima!”. Not one time during the session did I feel uncomfortable, judged, insecure or anything less than confident, thanks to Stephanie. She gave such a light, confident, happy feeling that I couldn’t feel anything but! I was also excited to have the full  beauty experience, professional hair and make-up was included in my experience! Who doesn’t love being pampered? I know it makes a huge difference in how the photos turn out and I felt like a super model by the time my makeover was done. I still felt like myself, just more confident

Leaving the studio that day I couldn’t have been more excited to see the final product! I counted down the days until my images were ready for me to pick from. When my email pinged at me to tell me “you’ve got mail” and I saw that it was the file of my pictures I’d being dying for!! As soon as I clicked “open”, tears immediately filled my eyes; “ These are incredible!” I thought! I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that I could look like that! If it weren’t for Stephanie’s talent, commitment, amazing sweet personality and passion for what she does, I really don’t think I would have been able to pull off the session, or have such incredible images. It was nearly impossible to narrow it down to the right number for my book. After a few hours of scrolling up and down through the images and admiring Stephanie’s amazing work,(and my sexy self), I finally narrowed it down and got excited to see the final product!

When my package came in the mail, I was like a little kid on Christmas, and it wasn’t even a gift for me! After tearing into the box and throwing off the bubble wrap, I opened up the book and once again, tears. It was AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to give my hubby his own personal album of amazing images featuring his sexy rock star of a wife! Needless to say, when I gave it to him after the rehearsal dinner. Mr. Z was thrilled, like, speechless thrilled. He still looks at it at least once a week with the same reaction! I plan on going back to Stephanie for at least 1 if not more sessions! The experience overall wasn’t only an awesome gift to my husband, and a super fun day of pampering. But it gave me a self confidence boost that I never thought I would get and really drove home that there really are all kinds of sexy!

Thank you Stephanie for giving me that experience! You are a truly amazing, and gifted individual!

–Miss L



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