In her own words | Miss L.Q.

A couple months ago had a new mommy connect with me about a boudoir session. Her baby was 6 months old and she was considering a boudoir session for herself and something special for her husband. I was really inspired by Miss L, being a mom myself…I know first hand what can be left behind after we have children. The body does not always go back exactly the way it was before and it can be hard to adjust to the change we see in the mirror. I was thrilled that Miss L was willing to step out and say “I am not perfect but this is me and I am gorgeous!!”

A few words from “L”:

I’ve always wanted to do boudoir, and I never felt more sexy than ever until I had my little one. I lost the baby weight and thensome so why not take the opportunity to have pictures of a great, “new”, rockin’ body? And for the record, I am not a size 5, 6, or even 7… but I was intrigued to step outside of my comfort zone to feel sexy and confident, so at the 6 month postpartum point, I jumped head first into a boudoir session with Stephanie Karen Photography. Looking back on the session and the resulting pictures, I am so glad that I did. This was also with the help of Stephanie and the confidence she exuded at doing a great job.
Boudoir is what you make of it, some think it’s tasteless but for many who do actually pull through with it, they are entirely the opposite; it is art after all. The examples Stephanie provided were classy and fun which inspired me all the more to commit to doing a session with her. Anyone… full figured to a size 0 can look fabulous and Stephanie can make you feel that way as well… afterall, the pictures are based off of  your taste or comfort level. For me, I chose to take a more casual approach.
Not once did I ever feel that Stephanie was judging the way I looked during my pictures. Of course I was nervous but I also knew that this is a business and by no means would she make me look awful! Being the ball of nerves I was initially, she directed me on what poses she felt would work for each outfit, ultimately helping ease my anxiety. It is also helped that she’s a personable person as well!

L~ F~: