In her own words | Miss D

I love sharing client images and their stories with you. I appreciate Miss D willing to share her story, hope you enjoy!

When I found Stephanie, I was in the chaos of planning our wedding and was looking for a wedding gift for my husband. The thought of having a boudoir session done intrigued me because I would have never thought about doing something like this, but I had seen boudoir photos on Pinterest and thought they were fun. I had scheduled the session for a few months out, so when it came time for it, I got really nervous and felt self-conscious and started wondering if I could do it. Luckily for me (and my husband), I can’t stomach throwing money away so I talked myself back into it…and I’m so happy I did!

Within minutes of entering the studio, I was put at ease by Stephanie and Lauren (makeup/hair). They created a really relaxed atmosphere and Lauren made me look great! I would 100% suggest having your hair and makeup done – they know what they are doing!! Once I was glammed up and feeling pretty, I changed into my outfit and we got started. Stephanie has a great eye for lighting and placement to make you look great, so I got more and more comfortable as we went – almost forgetting that I was in my underwear! She showed me a few shots on her camera and I was blown away that it was me I was looking at and I couldn’t wait to get the prints.

In the end, I upgraded to get all of my photos (in case I never have another opportunity to do this) and made an album for my husband. I was so nervous to give the album to him because I wondered what he would think/say. I waited to give it to him until the night of our wedding when we were winding down from our big day. His reaction was better than I could have expected and he thought it was a really awesome idea. As I said, I’m so happy that I did this and was really proud of myself for getting over my fears and going through with it. If you want to do something fun and special for the person you love or even to just feel empowered and proud of yourself, I would definitely suggest doing this! 

–Miss D



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