In her own words | French Vintage Boudoir

I am so thrilled to share this beautiful session with you today!! This lovely lady has such a beautiful heart and I was really thrilled when we connected and she wanted a session of her own. She was sweet enough to share some kind words regarding her experience and I appreciate them so very much:

A girlfriend of mine had recently gotten a bridal boudoir session with Stephanie, and not only did she love them and were the images beautiful, but her husband loved them too! When Stephanie told me she was looking for models who would be willing to share their work publicly, I was a littler nervous… I’m married, my body has matured into a woman, and what in the world will my family think? But then I thought, “How courageous would that be? “How freeing would that feel? and “Really, it’s the same as a bikini, so what’s the big deal!” My husband totally agreed, and was excited to see me gain confidence through the experience.

The experience itself was fun! I was lucky enough to get to have a shoot the same day as one of my girlfriends and all I could think was “this would be such a fun bachelorette idea!” Stephanie made me feel totally comfortable, and not only that, her feedback made me feel so confident throughout the shoot! Being able to have my make-up done and have the outfits selected for me made me feel like a real model, and gave me that extra confidence I wouldn’t have had if I got ready myself.

Once I saw the images, I was so excited! My husband’s reaction was PRICELESS, literally jaw-dropping, he couldn’t take his eyes off them! Personally, I felt I looked sexy but so timeless and classy, and so much like myself! It made me feel so comfortable making the session public because I couldn’t wait to share images! I was nervous how my husband would feel about it, but he’s so supportive of how this has made me feel, and the first message he got from a buddy that said I was “quite a looker” made him so proud! Honestly, I haven’t felt this confident and years, and I recommend it to any woman who wants to feel flawless and fabulous!

-Miss D


And for those of you who don’t know, Miss D’s Vintage Alabaster Blush Boudoir Session was published at Storyboard Wedding!! What an honor! Thanks so much and xoxo, Stephanie


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