A husband’s testimonial | Word Genius

A few months ago I had a wonderful client in my studio, she was beautiful inside and out (and a great sense of humor!!) As a fellow mom I know how we get lost in taking care of our homes and our children that we forget how to cherish ourselves a little. After Miss J shared her beautiful images with her husband, he wrote me an email that brought me to tears and gave me such sweet validation in what I do. It is honestly the first email I have ever received from a husband and it’s so special just reading how he talks about Miss J, so loving and genuine!! This guy is a keeper!

So happy that I could be a part of this experience for you both Miss J and Mr. J, biggest hugs and so many thanks for such a sweet note!

Good morning, Stephanie,
My name is Mr. J and I am Miss J’s husband. I am simply wanting to thank you for the lovely photos that you took of my Bride. These photos are very well done and I feel that they truly capture Jen’s beauty. I love admiring them over and over again! She shared with me how at ease she felt and the professionalism of you and your staff so I want to thank you for that as well. She remains for me the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen. I think these photos also helped her to see herself in the same way that I see her all the time. What a gift to us! I hope your business continues to do well. -Mr. J


L~ F~: